Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Uses for YouTube

The video-sharing phenomenon, YouTube, has made a name for itself on desktops worldwide. People everyday are getting in on the bandwagon posting various videos. A random look at a recent day’s most-discussed videos on YouTube includes topics ranging from 50 Jokes (Yes...actually 50 jokes), Pot Cookie Monster, Derrick Rose Breaks Andre Miller's Ankle, and Farting-Prank Revenge

Whether users are hoping for their 15 minutes of fame or using the site to share videos with friends & colleagues, YouTube does have numerous uses that go beyond mere entertainment. For example, one often unnoted use of YouTube is in concurrence with eBay or other online marketplaces.

For example, if you are selling an item online such as a Mercedez, Short Bus, or Yacht, think about posting a video of it on YouTube and providing a link in your online description. This gives potential buyers the opportunity to fall in love with your item by seeing it in much greater detail than what boring pictures can provide.

Another YouTube use is for sharing videos of the family with grandparents. This offers immediate gratification of seeing everyone in action without the need for sending them tapes or DVDs. Furthermore, you can make your videos private by going into the My Videos section and choosing the Edit Video Info button. Search for the broadcast section and click the option that displays "Private."

Use YouTube when planning a family reunion. Ask family members to post short videos showing a little bit about their lifestyle before the reunion. This allows everyone to get reacquainted beforehand and makes a fun icebreaker. This tactic also allows family members to show off their homes and hobbies as well as reveal a little about themselves that otherwise might not get shared!

Get creative and think up new uses for sharing videos on YouTube!

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