Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 - Your Time to Shine

In 2009, act like the Chief Executive Officer of your Online Business.

Too often, you find solutions to problems as a web designer, an SEO specialist, a developer, a geek, a blogger, or freelance writer. But you've got it all wrong!

If you want to make the cash register ring in 2009, you will have to envision yourself as the CEO. You are the Captain of your Ship, the Master of your Destiny, the Boss!

As the CEO, your time is valuable. Therefore, it is essential to automate every task that can be automated in order to free up time to run your business. Throughout the day, you must ask yourself “How can this task be automated?”

Every task that can be performed inexpensively by someone else, should be. How much time do you waste per day on things that could be performed by someone for a minimal fee? Stop and think about it: If you're performing a task that can be done by someone that normally makes $20 per day, how much money can you expect to make doing that same task? Create jobs, find contractors and free up your own time for doing what needs to be done: running your online business. With every task, you should ask yourself “Can I outsource this task to someone else for less money than my time is worth?”

Quit checking visitor stats on a daily basis. It’s a waste of your time. You are throwing away countless hours per week that could be spent on outsourcing, automating, and advertising.

This year you will focus your time on things that make money. You should constantly be asking yourself “Is the task I’m doing right now going to make me more money?” If it’s not, you will think about how to eliminate that task from your routine to effectively increase your productivity.

Finally, this year focus on surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. Develop a network around you that know how to make money on the Web. You will have less time for people who waste your time and will make a greater effort to network with people who “get it.” Unlike in years past, this year, make the effort to stay in contact with, do business with, and associate yourself with like-minded business professionals.

That's how 2009 will be your best year yet!

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