Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 - Your Time to Shine

In 2009, act like the Chief Executive Officer of your Online Business.

Too often, you find solutions to problems as a web designer, an SEO specialist, a developer, a geek, a blogger, or freelance writer. But you've got it all wrong!

If you want to make the cash register ring in 2009, you will have to envision yourself as the CEO. You are the Captain of your Ship, the Master of your Destiny, the Boss!

As the CEO, your time is valuable. Therefore, it is essential to automate every task that can be automated in order to free up time to run your business. Throughout the day, you must ask yourself “How can this task be automated?”

Every task that can be performed inexpensively by someone else, should be. How much time do you waste per day on things that could be performed by someone for a minimal fee? Stop and think about it: If you're performing a task that can be done by someone that normally makes $20 per day, how much money can you expect to make doing that same task? Create jobs, find contractors and free up your own time for doing what needs to be done: running your online business. With every task, you should ask yourself “Can I outsource this task to someone else for less money than my time is worth?”

Quit checking visitor stats on a daily basis. It’s a waste of your time. You are throwing away countless hours per week that could be spent on outsourcing, automating, and advertising.

This year you will focus your time on things that make money. You should constantly be asking yourself “Is the task I’m doing right now going to make me more money?” If it’s not, you will think about how to eliminate that task from your routine to effectively increase your productivity.

Finally, this year focus on surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. Develop a network around you that know how to make money on the Web. You will have less time for people who waste your time and will make a greater effort to network with people who “get it.” Unlike in years past, this year, make the effort to stay in contact with, do business with, and associate yourself with like-minded business professionals.

That's how 2009 will be your best year yet!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Should you pay for Web Hosting?

If you aim to publish a Web site, you must use a host. You should utilize a hosting company that offers reliable service, quality tech support and an easy to use interface.

You don’t always have to pay for your hosting service. Some Web hosts give you free space (i.e. and The question looms: "Should I choose the free option, or pay a monthly fee in exchange for the service?" The answer: it depends on the host!

No matter what, if anything, a particular Web host charges, your top concern is quality. You can pay a good chunk of money every month for a host that ignores your questions, offers poor tech support and/or crashes every few days. You can get free Web hosting with first-class service. Just because you buy the service does not mean that you will get what you deserve – and “free” is not always synonymous with “terrible.”

Typically, the answers to your questions are located in the FAQ section of the host’s Web site; however, don’t hesitate to contact someone at the company with questions that cannot be answered on your own.

For every hosting package you consider, ask these questions:

  • “How much will this cost me every month?” You need to know, before you make a commitment, how much you’re expected to pay for the service.
  • “Will there be forced advertising on my site?” Some Web hosts stick ad banners on your pages. This is frequently an alternative to paid hosting. If you don’t mind banner or pop-up ads on your site, you might seriously consider this type of package.
  • “Do I have to participate in a community to earn hosting privileges?” Some free Web hosts give you credit for posting in their discussion forums. If you have the time and energy to do this, it might be a good alternative to paying the host.
  • “What is my bandwidth quota?” As your site grows and attracts more visitors, your bandwidth needs will increase. Be sure, before you commit to a host, that you can get access to more bandwidth if needed.
  • “How much storage space do I get?” You don’t want to sign up with a host, upload all of your files, then discover that you’re about to run out of space. Be sure that whatever service you use offers you the storage that you need (with upgradable options) for all of your files.
  • “How stable are the servers?” You don’t want a Web host that’s plagued by crashes. This applies no matter what, if anything, you pay for the service. If people can’t access your Web site, you can’t sell them your products, share your opinions, promote yourself, or whatever else you intend to accomplish.
  • “What sort of technical support can I expect?” Some Web hosts do not offer telephone support; others do. You might, for example, have to file a support ticket and wait for the support staff to respond. Know what sort of support you can expect so that you won’t be surprised when things are going wrong and you desperately need the host’s assistance.
  • “Can I use my own domain name?” If you have your own domain, you should consider Web hosts that actually allow you to use it. Some want nothing more than to offer you a free subdomain and a small chunk of space. That’s fine for some people, but if that isn’t what you want, look elsewhere.
  • “Is the interface easy to use?” Your control panel should be easy to navigate. Uploading files and making adjustments to your account shouldn’t be too difficult or frustrating.
  • “What are the content restrictions?” Some hosts don’t want you to upload any music files, for example – not even ones that you created and, therefore, have every legal right to distribute. Others don’t want “adult” files, illegal software, or anything that breaks the laws in the host site’s country. Be sure that you select a service that will let you upload your content.
Another important factor in your decision is customer testimonials. Find out what past and current customers are saying about the host that you’re considering. If the feedback is overpoweringly negative, you might want to consider an alternate provider.

After you answer these questions, you should have only a select few hosts left on your 'list'. This will help you elect the right host the first time around, which means that you can enjoy making your site available to the entire Internet community.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Uses for YouTube

The video-sharing phenomenon, YouTube, has made a name for itself on desktops worldwide. People everyday are getting in on the bandwagon posting various videos. A random look at a recent day’s most-discussed videos on YouTube includes topics ranging from 50 Jokes (Yes...actually 50 jokes), Pot Cookie Monster, Derrick Rose Breaks Andre Miller's Ankle, and Farting-Prank Revenge

Whether users are hoping for their 15 minutes of fame or using the site to share videos with friends & colleagues, YouTube does have numerous uses that go beyond mere entertainment. For example, one often unnoted use of YouTube is in concurrence with eBay or other online marketplaces.

For example, if you are selling an item online such as a Mercedez, Short Bus, or Yacht, think about posting a video of it on YouTube and providing a link in your online description. This gives potential buyers the opportunity to fall in love with your item by seeing it in much greater detail than what boring pictures can provide.

Another YouTube use is for sharing videos of the family with grandparents. This offers immediate gratification of seeing everyone in action without the need for sending them tapes or DVDs. Furthermore, you can make your videos private by going into the My Videos section and choosing the Edit Video Info button. Search for the broadcast section and click the option that displays "Private."

Use YouTube when planning a family reunion. Ask family members to post short videos showing a little bit about their lifestyle before the reunion. This allows everyone to get reacquainted beforehand and makes a fun icebreaker. This tactic also allows family members to show off their homes and hobbies as well as reveal a little about themselves that otherwise might not get shared!

Get creative and think up new uses for sharing videos on YouTube!

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